How do I manage a typical job?

Through the duration of a typical job, the app will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete it appropriately.

  1. Accept the job – You will have 60 seconds from the time the job alert is sent to your phone to select accept.
  2. Establish Contact – After accepting the job, it is best practice to message or call the customer to make sure they know you are on the way to the job site. During this time, they may provide you with critical information pertinent to the job. Be sure to review photos and job details they give you so that you can arrive as prepared as possible.
  3. Navigate to the job site – The customer will have the ability to see how far away you are at all times.
  4. Upon arrival, the customer will be notified. Call or message them to arrange entry.
  5. Show Provider Badge – This ensures the customer that you are a home service provider with Repairman.
  6. Complete the work- If you need any additional parts or tools, be sure to keep reciepts for proper invoicing.
  7. Invoice the customer- Your invoice should include your trip fee, your time spent on the job and any additional parts you were required to provide. The customer should sign off to end the job.

You are now ready to accept other jobs!