How to add/edit Provider schedule

Please set up your schedule in a few easy steps:

1) Tap on “Schedule”, then tap “Edit” (upper right).
2) Select (or define new) location for which this schedule will be effective.*
*Please note that your schedule is in effect around a specific location, not around you such as when you are ONLINE on the app. Yes, you can have multiple (non-overlapping) schedules on the same day for different locations.
3) Set up your desired radius around selected location.
4) Define number of intervals and duration. We highly recommend intervals of at least one or two hours in length for most trades, to account for travel time and typical job duration. For example, five 120-minute intervals.
5) Chose to repeat this schedule on multiple days or just a single day. It’s a good idea to start with one day schedule to see how it works.
6) Define schedule start/end date and time parameters and verify slots “to be created” as displayed in preview area below.
7) Tap to Confirm the schedule if all looks good. A yellow dot will appear on the main “Schedule” tab for each day where there is a defined schedule.